What is this could nonsense? We can meet people on EP. And I insist that it happen. Somehow most of my circle lives outside of New England.

But we have to be frugal about it.  If I have to abandon my family and stay in a hotel, it is that much more impractical.  Right? 
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Toady can visit me any time as long as it isn't today.

Great! Now I can go teepee crawling!

Girls weekend it is. Boys, call it a boys weekend. Yes, we will likely have tents on the lawn too. lol

Ahhh, the life a a vagabond! No pressures, no responsibilities. Sounds ok to me right now!

Damn McToady! No men?!? All this talk of cake. I was going to bring the booze! Oh, well....

Can I just bring a tent and stay on the lawn?

Yes, captain. You live quite close by. And yes cowbell.

:D i live near you too sweeeeeeet

I need to finish my ba<x>sement faster. Getting egress window estimates this week.

Well I want cake! I'll bring rum cake and my air mattress for the overflow of peeps atchur house! :)

Yeah. The girl I introduced to EP doesn't count either.

She dont count! I work with herrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

As much as I love hotels, I do not like spending money. That's what it comes down to for me.

I am going to buy volvos for all of you so you can safely drive to my house and sleep on my couch. It is very comfortable.

Ive met one from my circle. (i never count Izzy cause she works with me)

No, mac and cheese is yummy. And so are beans. <br />
<br />
foolishme, find your nearest birthday party. And read my before you add me.

I'll make it boliviano.

Yes bring mac and cheese. We'll cook mexican food.

I'm not allergic to stars.

tacos and mac n cheeeeeeese.<br />
I'll bring the mac n cheese.

uh.. i just hope you aren't allergic to my **** *** or ****** in your *****

How did you manage it? Did you go to their house? Did you stay in a hotel?

Lucky. <br />
<br />
If you want cake there can be cake but who actually likes cake? Wouldn't tiramisu be better? Or pumpkin bread? Or ice cream?

I'm all for it. Come to my house and I will feed you. *giggles*

It'll happen! Give me a year. I'll meet my circle, at least the ones that want to meet me *coughs*