Lets Meet At..hmmm..starbucks!!!

mmmmmkk! If i could meet aNyOnE in person from here it would have to beeee....hmmm...Anthonyy duh! hahaha Hes amazing and sexy...hes amazingly sexy!! :* Hes probably one of my bestestt friends even out of the few i have in person...(not to mention the cuttttesttt northern accent!!) lol check him out! ADavoli ;)
hmmmmm and then theres john! dear ol cappy! i would so definitely meet him in person and beat his *** with my black belt and nunchucks!! hehe...hes always there when i need a shoulder to cry on or someone to let all my anger and bitterness out! (He thinks hes a jackass but hes not...hes really sweet!! shhhh)
These two are some of my besties and i love em!!
katie729 katie729
18-21, F
Mar 29, 2011