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My last story is stupid it means "Go to hell" to me so here's my updated story and I know this one will be permanent.

If I could meet someone from EP it would be my twin, Jessie. She isn't like Jessi or Will where they left me and basically made me look like an idiot after the billions of stories I wrote about them and how they were such a "good person." But I know that she is a good person. She's more than a "good person" she's the perfect person to me. Agree with me or not, I don't care because I know a true friend when I find one. I only know because they are like Jessie. So after I graduate from college, that's my first stop. To go see Jessie :D Chip and Dale will reunite!!! Hehehe :D
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Chipale hehe love u sissy I would be heart broken without my twin I need my sissy you can ask anyone how I was yesterday.