I'd Like to Meet...

 ...all of you. No, not just my close circle (though I'd like to meet you first), but every single person on EP, including the crazy, psychopathic ones. Even if you're just a lowly admin. Even if you plan on stalking me. Even if you want to chop open my head and devour my brains. Especially if you've got a wicked sense of humor. I'd like to meet you.

I'd also like a pony, 3 wishes, and world peace…

zeligocity zeligocity
22-25, M
21 Responses Sep 16, 2008

As evidenced by<BR>Your awesome haikus in the<BR>Postcard you sent me<BR><BR>:D

I already stalk you, as you well know.

Foiled again. NO!!

That was all a part of my plan, CK. I've been on the move for weeks.

Well, while you're pre-occupied with Celery's stalking, I'm stalking away....you are in TROUBLE. Teehee.....

Stop stalk blocking people, Celery.<br />
<br />
There's not, nor ought there be anything so exalted on the face of Bob's green Earth that compares to the power, joy, and deliciousness of...<br />
<br />
The roasted Coffee Bean :-D

Wait... this is Z's party and we are totally **** blocking him!

Stop ribbing me. I'm gonna stuff you full of cream cheese.

Would you like me to show you my stalk?!

I want to meet Celery. I here she is really a dude. Ha Ha LMAO

Celery stalks too!<br />
<br />
Thanks for distracting him, CK! It's made my work MUCH easier!

Kliesse tried to stop the chainsaw... :o LOL

kleisse, you're scaring me. And chainsaws are definitely the kind of anti-zombie weapon you need major cajones to use.<br />
<br />
CK: Lucky for you, I have plans to get around your plans to get around my plans for when stalkers attack.

Well, just so YOU know, I have plans to get AROUND your plans for when stalkers attack. Ha HA!!

And no genitals. :(

She's a rebel with a chainsaw, that one. ;)

Sure kleisse, I'm aware of your wily ways.

You're full of plans. Be kinda cool to meet some crazies. (I sound mean... but I'm not, promise. :P)

Stalk away! I've got ample plans for when stalkers attack.<br />
<br />
As well as ample plans for when zombies attack, I'll have you know.

"Even if you want to chop open my head and devour my brains. " ...That's where Zombie plans come in handy. ;)

I am planning on stalking you. So...good for me, huh?! Yay!!