Wait.. I Want More Than One!

Question. Just one? What if I've already met one? May I meet another?


IT says I can do whatever I want soooooooooo. I want to meet my entire cirlce. :) We'll have a party! My circle will invite those of their circle they want to meet and so on and so forth. We'll cater so wonderfully no one will even notice it's all vegan. :P

Mello Mello 26-30, F 6 Responses Sep 16, 2008

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You're welcome to visit!

Glad to hear it, please send him my regards. If I ever do get to go to the US of A I'll like to meet you guys.

IT... Where did you get it? haha. There's a Bakery in Boulder CO with the BEST vegan baked goods ever tasted by me. :)

JP, it's amazing. :) I'm so happy you know the feeling well. I'm honored to be next in line!!!

Haha. I shall send out EP invitations! :P

True my little magical friend from SA. Blue is well. He's working today. He's been busy busy. We both have so all is well.

You didn't just 'meet' him, you connected with him. How is Mr blue these days?

Maybe some day you'll ya know get married...there'll be the brides side...the grooms side....the ep side-lol

You need three rows!!!