You... Yes, You... Reading this... :D

I've enjoyed the conversations that I've had with all of you... You've made my day many times... Thanks for that...

Love, Ms. JuciyBoo♥







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Yea... I would love to have a guy friend... a REAL guy friend... have yet to find one... the one i had... fell in love with me... told him it wouldnt work out... so it said ohkai... then i have my relationship im in now... im like if i told you i was to get married would you want to know... his like naw i would kill that ***** some "friend" huh

well i definitely feel you on that one. it seems one way or another females tend to always ruin my relationships with them by asking me out when I already put them in the friend box. I already had to put a friend of mine her place this week because she already asking me to spend too much time with her even though she has a man. she knows I don't get down like that and i know her boyfriend is very jealous of me so why even try to pull that mess with me.

because most guys... have diff. things they want from me... weather its comes out up front or later on... even the chicks... yea they like me too... lol... sometimes things get sticky cause im REAL up front... Honest with guys... I dont lie, I keep it real and I guess most cant handle it??!! I dont know... I dont like to bottle all guys in one group... so I just like to avoid them ALL... lol

as far as the killer/ crazy thing<br><br />
I'm way too knee deep in the government now to ever commit any crime or even get away with one. they know all the kid hideouts, financial records,family, friends etc... they force me to do background checks and everything else under the sun.<br><br />
now...<br />
care too explain how we "guys" are different besides the obvious?

Just gettin to know you guy more in person... makin sure ya'll aint killers or nothing... not really sure... guys are a little different for me... but I would still want ta meet ya... what your answer maybe that would help me out...

ahh man I appreciate the love I just now read this. <br />
maybe someday you will.<br><br />
out of curiosity what would you do and say if we did meet?<br><br />
I know exactly what I would say. In order to hear that you have to answer my question 1st!

:-) I do love to go shoppin and have a good lunch... :D

Here I come... HEHE :) you bunches and ooooodles come here you!!!