No Big Secret

there are alot of ep friends i'd like to meet in person, but one really stands out. he knows who he is and i think alot of other people know who i'm talking about too. "raoul" and i are waiting for him!   

jerrica jerrica
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14 Responses Apr 4, 2009

gotta have the nast with the nice lol

And a bit nasty too! ; )

it would be nice.

i hope you and raoul can meet this person :)

he's very sly to stay out of my clutches lol

A Sly Dog?

lol. come on, please bring the dog. i promise i won't try to keep him. *has fingers crossed behind back* lol

Gosh, I just can't pick one. I would love to meet all my EP Friends in person. <br />
<br />
As for you Jerrica...Peedeedog the dog will stay home. He's mine!!! LOL :-)

ya think?

Oh. You could make a Man beg, Beautiful.

of course for him. so you think he would like to see me lying on the bear, candles aglow?

I'm sure this person would love to meet you. Especially on a big white bear rug. <br />
Some candlelight, and your soft brown skin glowing against your bear rug is a fantasy almost to erotic to imagine.<br />
For Him I mean, of course.

lol. yep, he's a big, white bear rug.

Is Raoul a big white bear?