Just One...........not Fair!!!

Ok, I can't do it. I have at least 10 friends that I NEED to meet sometime in my future.... I can NOT pick just ONE. NOT FAIR... I refuse to play. So there!! :)~ lol

The 10 I would want to meet.........In no particular order are:: Pntdhorse61, SweetCityWoman, Angelsallaround, Jimm0, BobFrost, JustJessie, MissBebe, AuroraBoralis, CheeseCowboy, & last but not least.......... FungirlMMM! :)

I want to meet everyone in my circle though. If I ever win the lottery, I'm throwin' a HUGE party for all my circle & their families. Mahahahahha!!!

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2 Responses Apr 16, 2009

yeah bob frost is pretty cool

oh love u very very much..though if u dont win the lottery we can always fly to ur house:D