I think i will let my circle keep guessing who i would choose first.

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Well ok then *noogies*


That doesn't sound very bad... O well if you want i could give you a noogie to take the pain away?

I dropped my laptop on it, the edgy of it went right into my knee cap

What happened?

I think I just broke my knee...oWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw

Yeah it is cool, so i guess it wasn't all worthless.

that's good!

yeah, i didn't lose weight working out, but i did get my body back in shape. After running 2 mins when i first started i though i was going to die. Now i can jog for a half hour with out feeling the heat.

Ah, ok, yeah, guess so.

six months was long term for me. Going into seven months now, but i am on a strict diet and doing more then before now so we will just have to see.

Hmmm.....maybe you should concentrate on it on a long term rather than short term thing

I been trying very hard and seeing little results..

You think?

Yeah i really need it..

Good luck

I suppose it is all ok. Get a work out in today and see if i lost any weight yet.

Ah yeah, how's all that going?

That does suck, but i am suppose to be up right now.. so i cant attempt getting back to sleep.

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that sucks<br />
<br />
although, yesterday I woke up at four, and didn't get back to sleep before I had to go to work, that sucked

You know i am really tired right now! BOOOO! for waking up at 3am!


Why of course.

We all know it's me