Someone Is Helping Me

I am getting ready to do some webcamming for anyone who wants to watch send me a whiteboard comment and I will let you know the address.  Will do it again sometime too but gotta jump on the chance while I got it!

gottahavit gottahavit
36-40, F
19 Responses Feb 21, 2010

sure would!! add me, want to see your pics!!

anytime you get on cam hun you just let me know when ,where,what time, i want to get my nuts off watching your sexy body getting off

would luv to see you cam or anything you did would be good///

yes please!

O.K I'm up for it let me know a little ahead of time so I can set up

i will watch and join if if you like x

Thanx for adding me to your friends list. I'll give you an idea or two to share.

mmm nothing better than watchin while im at work (when i get the chance)

i would love to watch you cam, please let me know the next time you do it

i would love to watch you cam, please let me know the next time you do it

Would love to watch you cam and direct you at the same time!

I'm a virgin webcammer too! :) Always wanted to give it a try. I'll have to see if my wife is willing to show me the ropes!

Would love to watch you on cam

I'd like to cam with you. I'm still a virgin at it, but am ready to try it.

Any time your up for a cam msg me allways ready and willing

we will keep an eye out for you, it will be alot of fun!

Looking forward to it!

I sure will! Would love to cam for you and wife sometime. Hope that you both will cam for me also, but will not hold you to that!

i would love to see you cam, let me know a few days a head of time so that me and wife can enjoy.<br />