Women Can Get Away With It But...

Women can get away with wearing male attire with relative ease. The same cannot be same for men who like to do the same. At the very least it is seen as strange or weird. This by extension makes it extremely difficult to find a woman who is open minded enough to be supportive of this form of expression.

I consider myself to be fairly metro sexual and enjoy wearing female attire, particularly lingerie. The variety and textures are so much more enticing than male attire (Boring). Wearing dresses is so much more comfortable and far less restrictive than conventional male attire. I just think it is a pity that society is less tolerant of cross dressing males... I find it to be a fantastic release from the rigors of the way men ought to behave.

Many of us, despite common misconceptions are far more stable than our macho counterparts. I guess I just want to understand why women in particular are so turned off by the idea of guys exploring their feminine side. No one expects this to widely accepted but one would think that given that women have been fighting for equality and the right to be free to chose whatever they wish for so long; that more women would be accepting and understanding men who are in a way trying to do something similar...

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I agree. And it sucks having no one to share this with in person. I would love to meet a girl that prefers i wear panties or at least supports me by not telling anyone! My mom caught me twice once i fell asleep with basketball ball shorts on and i was wearing adventure time undies. My mom tried taking pics and she had friends over laughing at me and were in shock. The second time is when we moved I threw away most of my panties but forgot a pair left in a box. So i played it off like they were my ex's. I just wish if someone saw a guy wearing panties they would think no different than a girl wearing them. I wear them for comfort. They make me feel sexy. And overall im ADDICTED TO LINGERIE OVER ALL I LOVE IT. And i love wearing them even more especially around tons of girls. I get nervous when wearing panties around guys.

But the day is coming. I heard they made a lingerie line for MEN! Thats one step towards the future for guys that want to wear panties all the time instead of boxers. Hopefully one day they only make panties for men and women that way everyone has to wear panties.

I think that everyone should be able to wear what ever they feel comfortable in. I wear all female clothes, but the bra is sometime uncomfortable, so I wear cami tops only.
The world is getting better, I have seen uni-sexual clothing like t-shirts and some jeans and even underwear since most is cotton today.

Well written! And great points!

I love wearing panties and my GF loves them on me too.

If the public knew that I wore female underwear, this lil town would go crazy and rumors would fly!

That's a very excellent point. I will say however that a woman who cross-dresses in an excessively male way would not likely be so easily accepted. Defintiely not in this country. But part of why a little cross dressing is more acceptable for females than males is two fold I think. Firstly, male clothing is very neutral looking and not extremely gender specific, like so much of women's clothing, so it's more tolerable to the public. There's no shock value. Even women in some women's clothing can cause the public to experience shock and disapporval. But if a woman were to walk around in a man's suit, you can bet she would have problems with public disapproval. Secondly, I think that society is much less threatened by women who wear men's things than they are when guys wear women's things. I think male gender ex<x>pression is extremely rigid in America and has only recently seen clothing styles that are more female looking than in the last. It seems that society takes the male gender type as the standard of gender authority, so to speak and sees the female gender type as a more watered down version that is okay to tweak a bit. <br />
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The other thing that occurs to me is that women seem to enjoy the benefits of a more freer, fluid understanding of them and seem to want to be understood in those terms, but seem to want to impose very strict and rigid sexual-social standards on the men in their lives. This brings about huge problems because it causes men to live in very restricted and narrow social forms and ultimately causes many of them to lead a double life...cheating on their mates, having alternative sexual experiences on the DL and a whole host of other, sometimes bizarre, acting out kinds of responces to such an imprisonment. Men should demand freedom to be who they are and accepted as such and stop living the lies that American males are so accustomed to. I happen to think it's an epidemic problem and is largely responsible fror why so many men lead dishonest and secretive lives...<br />
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What the American public seems to not understand about men is that they are extremely diverse creature, both sexually and socially...and more so than your average woman. So I think this society, being an extremely repressed and sexist society, tends impose rigid gender types on the male, causing him to live in a way that is completely untrue nor genuine and so he acts out, secretively, and will forever be unfaithful and basically dishonesty becomes a way of live and a way of survival for the American man. It's actually tragic and unfortunate that this is the case, but it is...and so that's why I think there is a difference between female and male cross-dressing...

Funny stuff lecture to my Wife!! ;) how did it go? Curious!!

I started to wear her panties and now she gave me nylons and a gridle to wear.I dress in front of her every day to go to work.Some of the nylons have holes in them now and were going to pick out new ones together.She lets me wear them around the house.I talked to her about getting a strap-on.She said ok.Then I asked if she wanted me to dress up and she toled me she wanted to **** a man not a sissy.This happened about seven years ago,Now she has a strap-on that viberates.She gets off while she ***** me and grinds very hard .We both love it and some times I only get off in my ***.Shes quivering and I'm contracting and we both colaps after ******* several times.

Our society is so fear ba<x>sed when it comes to sexuality and gender ex<x>pression. Keep your vigilance up for like minded people and cultivate those relationships.

I also love the feel of panties :)<br />
<br />
I've been reading your profile you seem really cool -- I'm wondering if you can give some advice to a newbe BI-Boy? I'm dating this girl and I brought up the idea of another person and that I would be okay if she wanted to like go out and find a guy were both attracted to and we could have fun -- but she gave me a seriously weird look. How do people accept that your attracted to both sexes?<br />
<br />

Hi Sammy. I agree men shoulld be able to wear a dress and express their femme side. I totally agree with you. Although I dress for a different reason, I want to be a woman. I will be a woman.

Hi, SammyT. I think you brought up some very good points. The first one being, why arn't all the women out there, figheing for women's wrights, able to reach out and give us CROSSDRESSED WOMEN a helping hand on the roadto receaving the wright's we the crossdressed women so deserve.

Nicely said, SammyT.

Hi Sammyt, I fully agree with you. It is almost impossible to find women who can empathise with crossdressers. There are women out there that encourage crossdressing in their partners but they are few and far between. Women have now been dressing up in male clothes for decades now, so should we guys not be able to dress in women's clothes.<br />
You have my support.<br />

I agree

Very nicely said, sammyt! I agree. Doesn't it seem like things were different 200 or 300 years ago? Remember all the lacey clothing that men and women used to wear back in the 1600's and 1700's, and up through the Victorian Age? Then it all changed and men had to wear ugly, uncomfortable, stiff clothing. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? Perhaps clothing styles will come full circle again. Just last week, I read a story in the Boston Globe about these fashion designers who are making nylon stockings, capri pants, and other items for men. There were even a few photos of the models on the runway! So don't despair - there's hope for us men!