Lala Thought I Had Already Started This Group.... So Why The Hell Not?

I know I would -- as long as she wasn't too much of a **** when she was in a bad mood.
SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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10 Responses Aug 11, 2010

A nice clean neatly trimmed one, yes.

Wait...<br />
<br />
...<br />
<br />
... it has a beard?

Im hungry

lol.... this thread is going into faves.

your talking honey pot?.... empty or full?

No, honey pots.

I don't think it started from anything different... O.o<br />
<br />
We are still talking tacos, right?

LOL! My bearded clam....

WOW!!! All that and brains too!

If she was a ****, you'd soon turn her in a *****