Ya Ya Whatever!

I think these results are because I chose never for all the love at first site BS. Whoever made this quiz thinks that those who don't fall in love way too easy and that don't believe in the concept of love at first site must be lacking passion. It's called lust at first site not love at first site...love is something that grows when we really know and have a connection to that person beyond the physical elements.

You Are 29% Passionate, 71% Compassionate

You are a very compassionate person, with a small spark of passion.
You can fall hard for someone but only after a true connection has been established.
Through carefully getting to know someone, you often choose a love that lasts a long time.

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3 Responses Jul 14, 2012

I'm totally with you on knowing the difference between "I just wanna jump yer bones" and "YOU ARE MY SOUL MATE" It took me YEARS to figure out that hubs was the last and only man for me.......Where as... I usually knew inside a few hours if I wanted to hop i the sack with a guy. BIG difference. I think folks that can hang back and study a person or situation for awhile before deciding it's love end up being MORE passionate cause we don't get burned and hurt quite so easily by jumping in wayyy too deep or too fast. When we do commit..it's TOTALLY!! <br />
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You're hotter then lava but you just hold off and make sure the "eruption" is gonna be worth it in the end..... :D

Yup...you're 100% right on that....I have friends that are so burned out from being burned.... I doubt they'd know the real thing if it ran them over in the street now....It breaks my heart.......Sometimes I think folks fall in love with the idea of "being" in love and that is a problem all in itself.....It's loving a concept and not a person.....People are wayyyy trickier and more unpredictable then just some nice fantasy in our heads..... Fantasies are great but folks need to be paid attention to and understood....That works best if they're honest and that's a whole other story..... :O Peole are complex....on good days!!

I have to say that I totally agree with you Sie. I want that love where he's the last and only man I want....my soul mate where it's just us in our own paradise.

Caramel...I sooo hope you find him too. ♥ :)

Getting to know some one is no garantee it will last but get to know the other person helps

Me thinks there's something amiss with this quiz .... :o)

Nope!! ... nothing wrong with that at all .... I certainly would've ranked you higher on the passion-o-meter based on what I've read ... stupid ole quiz !!! ....

Amen to that sister!