For The Little Ferrett

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22 Responses Feb 9, 2010

You would never guess what FG told me brother! umm who is FG? naw don't worry your secrets are locked up.


I don't have anyone in the world to tell you on.. but no i wouldn't do it anyway.

You listen and you don't go telling people my business.

Im not sure how i made it as one of your most trusted friends.

I love you Ar. I know that sounds weird but you are so stable for me and I know you are there if I need you. You are a good guy and one of my most trusted friends here.<br />
<br />
NP little pineapple.

srry delayed i kno

That is always odd to hear. I always think why would you be thinking about me? but im glad people do think of me from time to time.

lmfao it so has to be pineapples :P

:) I think of you often Ar.

Its cool as long as you are thinking of me. I like the attention!

Okay I posted one that made me instantly think of you and it is not metal but it does make me think of you when I hear it. I have no clue why.

Well it doesn't have to have pineapples.. If you really want one that makes people think of me you should listen to Samson - "Hunted". that is if you see me as a lion like most others do.

He he I don't know one that has pineapple in it. Let me post one that makes me think of you.

yeah but after getting me so hard most of my friends would of picked out a metal song for me afterward.

That is why you are my friend. You love my witty humor.

-_- i see what you did there... That was witty. You got me.

You sure can... 14 or 18kt gold is my favorite.

Can i interest you in metal FG?


LMFAO omg lol thats hilarious