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LOL I like hijackers.

Maybe later.. Hijacked FG thread too much.

we will have another argument battle. i will so win.

To late whats done is done. Nice try though!

nope who declared that u won? <br />
<br />
i for sure didnt.

i already won it is too late.

no i win

I win!


The best are inline behind me so i win!

NO!!! i so win. u kno it.<br />
<br />
just admit defeat its ok it happens to the best of us lol

Don't need to have one till you come up with one first so i win!

lol no u really don't. where ur comeback?

no good comeback so i win!

lol shut it i so win.<br />
<br />
eat a pineapple lol

i don't need breaks though. I am the great arorin. So i win.

doesnt matter i still win. give up lol. cuz i never will, i just needed a break.

it is a plant so i am right!

eggplant is a veggie and grows in the garden.

i win though don't i?

ewwww eggplant is nasty unless it is smothered.



that is because i win!

grrrrr lol no its a draw

but it is a plant. So i win!

what about egg plants?<br />
<br />
tis not an egg, doesnt look like an egg and its fricken purple lol<br />
<br />
i win

Strawberry is an original name for that fruit. Pine and apple are both two words put together for another fruit that has nothing to do with what it actually is.. I win!

no its not...cuz if a pineapple was a lie, then cantelope is a lie too. so is strawberry, as it is not a straw. <br />
<br />
i hope this gives u trouble sleeping lol.<br />
<br />
i win

Naw i win, because i got you and you know it! A pineapple is a total lie!

its a draw lol.

Fail! i win!

lol cuz it sounds good with pine

fine then why is it called apple? because it is a lie!

but its the point of looking prickly, and sharp lol<br />
<br />
i win :P haha

Pine trees are prickly because of the pines on the them. Pineapples have leaves but no pines.

its prickly like a pine tree!!!<br />
<br />
lol i do not give up i will keep fighting this to defend my precious pineapples!!

No it looks like a palm tree not a pine tree.. It is even a tropical fruit. No pine invovled!

i can see that lol.<br />
<br />
although, if u look at a pineapple it does somewhat resemble a pine tree. hense why the pine name must be in it lol. <br />
<br />
i win :)

yeah i can make an argument out of anything.

lmfao nice.<br />
<br />
good point though hahaha

pineapples don't smell nothing like pine so they are a lie, and i don't like foods that are a lie!

lol pineapples are good for u.....so i have heard lol

okay. I just think you would like that one. It is really Arorin-ish.

I am going to shortly.

You should look at that song i told you. I chose it as my ep theme.

I love Billy Idol. He rocks!

I don't like pineapples..




lol hey dont be putting down the pineapples!!

:) it does.

I did with this one. Not the pineapple one. This ones got guitars and stuff in it.


i didn't listen to it all the way. i couldnt make it that far. I tried though!

LMAO. The pineapple song has a deeper meaning for the ferrett.

Little bright, but a lot better then that pineapple song!