This One...

"I hate your guts, I should've had an abortion with you"

My response was something like "Why didn't you?"


I remember that one.

drcynic drcynic
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That sucks. Sorry to hear that a parent would say that. It is not like you had a choice of in being born.

Dude that’s harsh 3 boos to your parents. <br />
Mother dearest used to call me stupid - it bugged me and made me think that I was stupid for the longest time. <br />
Now a days I know a guy that had a similar childhood as me and whenever we do something brilliant – we look at each other and say – see mother was <br />
wrong I’m not stupid. Cheers!

Some people are emotionally unstable at times ,and say things they don't mean. Some really can't show emotions like most people can. Maybe she falls into this category .<br />
And there are those who just simply don't know how to show love, but seem to be able to show frustration and anger just fine..

drycynic,<br />
i am so sorry. that is a horrible thing for a kid to hear growing up. <br />

Yeah, I can relate to that drcynic. I remember how my mother would scream at us that she wished we'd never been born & how having us ruined her life....she said that one a lot. She would tell me not to have kids because they ruin your life...I used to just look at her & think to myself "does she realize who she's talking to?"

I think the only thing my parents told me that has stayed with me, is my name

Hey, I haven't heard it for a couple years... Then again, I basically haven't heard from them in that amount of time, lol.<br />
<br />
You'd be surprised to hear some of the "negatives" my parents did to me, lol.

My dad wasn't my biological dad, so he never said that, because he wasn't responsible for it... It was my mother...