Lol So True!

- Dont ever give up, when you reach a dead end climb the wall, if the doors are sealed find a window. There is always a choice and only you can say when you have failed.

-If it was easy, it wouldnt be worth it.

- Smile at everyone you meet, you never know when the kindness you show may be needed.

- No one can ever love you like you love yourself.

-Hope is always there, sometimes you just have to look under the bed to spot it.
These all came from the most wonderful Grandma that ever existed and I will miss her everyday for the rest of my life.

- (LOLOL this one came from my troop commander in Iraq and I will never forget it.) "Look nobody said it was a good plan, I just said it was the plan."

Jbass84 Jbass84
May 9, 2012