Good Advice

My father has told me these quotes..."You want to get ahead in life, don't lie, have clean living and hard work, these matters most."  "Let life come to you.....James 4 says You want but you do not ask...."If you ask anything in my name (Jesus) if it be my will it be done unto you."  Seek The Lord's will in your decisions, find wisdom, follow knowledge.

Try not to get mad it's useless energy.  When you are mad at SOMEONE you are letting that person control you.  LIfe is full of more downs than ups you have to learn how to handle adversity. Do not worry because you are cheating yourself out of those sweet MOMENTS try living in the now.

The past is just that water over the bridge, you do not know your circumstances could change tommorrow.  Happiness is living above your circumstances.

Never miss a chance to tell someone you love them, because you don't know if that person will be here tommorrow. 

Jump on opportunity, follow your hunches most of the time your instincts are right.

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my parents taught me to love everyone and i do!