I Can't Believe I'm Doing This. =/

Age 32

Band:  can't pick just one

Chore you hate:  laundry

Dog's name:  Jax

Essential start your day item:  Glasses/contacts

Favorite colors:  lavendar

Gold or silver:  Silver

Hight:  just shy of 5'8

Insturments you play:  I can bang on keyboard...but I'm not that good. =/

Job title:  Mother

Kids:  3 of them, all girls

Llamas or Alpacas:  um....what for?  Are we raising them?  Eating them?  Cuteness factor?

Mom's name:  Pat

Nicknames:  Haven't had any in years.  Use to have Peaches, Angel, and Queenie

Overnight hospital stay other than birth:  Birth of my kids, and staying over with my middle child several times due to illness.  I have never had to be there for overnight stays for me.

Pet peeve:  not doing what you said you'd do, insensitivity, self righteousness

Quote from a movie:

Right or left handed:  Right

Siblings:  2 younger sisters

Time you wake up:  7:30 ish

Underwear:  depends on outfit

Vegetable you dislike:  hmm....i think I like them  all....

Workout style:  Eh...no style

Xrays you have had:  Knee, back, chest, pelvis

Yesterdays best moment:  finding out I am truely loved

Zoo favorite:  Giraffes/elephants

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

It took forever to do!!! LOL

Heheh This is better than answering any question you may ask...... leaves a lot to discuss this way.