Everything Dark

black, dark blue, dark red, red and black. they all represent something. black represents my carelessness for others. dark blue represents my cold heartedness. dark red represents my lust for vengeance and lust for blood. red and black represents my wickedness. my heart is as cold as ice, and it doesn't beat.
knucklez knucklez
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I usually wear completely black to school. Black blouse, black skirt, black tights, black shoes, black coat, black nailpolish. To me, black is very comforting. It absorbs energy and helps with being calm. It symbolizes beauty in "dark" places like death and pain. It protects me against social situations. Black feels, to me, like comfort, calmness, protection, appreciation of "darkness", and especially strength (possibly masculinity sometimes).<br />
Dark blue always symbolized a fierce loyalty, to me.<br />
Red is a powerful symbol used often in poetry.... Any kind of extreme passion like courage, love, sacrifice. Also blood, which itself symbolizes life, love, and violent death. Red is one of my favourites.<br />
<br />
Btw... so if your heart doesn't beat, that means no blood runs through your veins... so by extension, does that mean you're a bad "lover" .... Lol ;) Just a thought!



hmm..and why i think in that black there is something more u cant see?