Drugged And Almost Kidnapped On Vacation

This happened over a year ago while I was on vacation in Thailand

I left a bar one night and began to walk back to the Hostel I was staying at. It was only a short walk away. A man approached me and offered to drive me to wherever I was going in his taxi.

I told him I'd rather walk and left him. However, he followed me as I walked away asking all sorts of questions like where I was staying and what kind of watch I was wearing. He was very insistent with the questions without thinking I told him I was only staying at the Hostel down the street and the watch I was wearing was a Rolex Daytona. (The one in my pic folder)

The man asked me the time, I'd already turned to walk away but stopped to tell him the time. As I checked my watch the man shoved a cloth over my face, apparently laced with a substance like chloroform. (Not actually chloroform though, apparently it's called Burandanga) I was knocked unconscious by the drug very quickly and the man dragged me back to his car and laid me on the backseat. I was quite fortunate that someone else leaving the bar saw me being attacked and being dragged toward the car and put inside. The driver ran away and wasn't (and still hasn't) been found.

Apparently I was probably attacked beacuse he saw me wearing the Rolex and therefore knew I was rich. The fact I am a young guy (19 at the time) made me a very easy target.

One thing that stuck out from what the police told me, is that such an attack is rare for a mugger/kidnapper to actually drug someone and carry them away rather than just robbing them on the street.
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ow that is not cool, u not safe anywhere in this world.<br />
Glad u safe and alive to tell the tale.