My Most Frightening Experience of My Life.

My most frightening story of my life is when I was pulled into a satanic occult. It started out innocently enough.  I was a drug user at the age of 15.  My family just moved into a new city and I had no connections to score.    I met a new "friend" who was very generous to my drug habit.  He was born in the same hospital as I, only 1 hr before me.  We both still lived at home and I spent all my time there.   With my dysfunctional family, I was never missed and able to come and go as I pleased.  I spent time there at my friends day and night.  I would only occasionally swing by home to recuperate from the drug use and other things.  During a period of time, I was taught mental telepathy, astroprojection & sending negative energy which affected people, sometimes severely.  As time went on, I met his mother and sister that he lived with.    It turns out they were in an occult and I was sucked in. I lost my free will & to this day I have many memories that are buried.  I was brained washed not to tell anyone or I would die, and I was being prepared to being scarified.  I was told we're going to another ceremony and I will lie down naked.  Not to be afraid of knifes because it's only God being angry.  The scary part is I completely lost my free will by that time and I didn't care anymore.    My father had known I was in trouble because of what was in my bedroom from b4 it got bad, he had ie cleansed from all the negative energy. And he had me put into an institution.  I went from 1 place after another for almost a yr.  My father saved my life.
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As a father I have watched my adult children and for a time I was very afraid for my oldest daughter (will be 27 in 3 days) but she has come through and is such a beautiful person and woman. My oldest son still worries me because his heart is so open and he gets hurt so easily. My nephew is using drugs (heroin) heavily and it makes me very sad. I'm glad your father was there and willing to step up and be the father and not the weak parents I see so many being now.

I'm sorry, you have more question than I have answers. I've never done any studies on occults. That would just hit too close to home. I would assume they had in mind that I could be a possible candidate. My parents would never have been able to find what happened to me. As for as it happening in every occult, I would guess not. I do know animals are sacrified as well.

Thanks Rose. I shutter when I think of what could of happened. I'm grateful to be alive and have a loving family of my own. Being brain washed was very difficult to overcome. Two years later when I became drug and alcohol free, I lived in fear of being found because "they" always would know where I was. Then as an adult, the memories started to surface and all I knew was if I told anyone, they would kill me. Thank God the fear was only based on the brainwashing. I thank the universe I'm still here.

iam so sorry all of that happened to you. there are so maney people out there that you think you can trust, only to have them hurt you. iam so glad you had your dad. i admire you for what you went through and came out of it so well.rose4