Another Story of My Past

This is a story about my rape. Don't worry, I will not share the details here! But, the most frightening of it was not so much of the things that happen, though they were pretty scary, it was after. The monster in question, he looked at me with such hate and disgust... as I scrambled to get my clothes back on and was bleeding. I thought I would never see my family again... he had told me that he kept rope in the trunk of his car....

I thought I was pretty much dead and he was going to kill me next. But, something switched off in my emotions. I became eerily calm and just talked him out of whatever he had planned. He felt trapped and just began to cry suddenly, saying how much of a child of God I was. I assured him that everything was okay and that I just needed to get home, before my mother worried about me. He took me home, crying the whole time. I didn't cry at all and kept assuring him to keep his eyes on the road and that everything was okay.

I made it home and as soon as I got out of his car, I ran like hell to my house! He followed and had to tell my mother his side of things. Which he made up an lie, that we just had sex, that it wasn't planned and that he was sorry. My mother had fell for it and invited him to stay for dinner, along with my best friend at the time. The girl and my sister knew something was up! They could feel it, even though my face didn't tell anything. Something about his story didn't add up. And after he left, that's when I broke down in tears and told everyone everything!

It was the most frightening experience of my life! I could have died, if my emotions didn't turn off when it did! Had I cried, or screamed, or fought him... I wouldn't be here to write this, today! :-o

Some angel was looking out for me, on that day. I'm sure of it. :-)

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Oh my word! So happy for you that you safe.<br />
What a horrible experience hope you ok still and not haveing side effects from the rape. You certainly had angels with you that day as I believe we do have everyday takeing special care of us. Hope u have an amaizing day!

wAW YOU ARE were able to talk him out of hurting you any are so strong and yes your angels were with you.i am sorry you had to endure that and i hope they caught that sick think he had the nerve to follow you in and eat with you and your family i probably would have fianted.i know you will survive this ordeal and be rezilent.

I believe the "angel" was your higher self. When pushed to extremes we have to stop messing around and in fact be the very best we can be to survive.<br />
That is what you did. Few people could have taken control as well as you did.<br />
You are in fact MUCH stronger then you let on. I will never under estimate you! I hope you don't either...DD