Mutspell is the most frightening word I know.

It means' "The Mother's Curse".  Not just any Mother; The Dark Goddess.

Before there was light there was The Dark goddess.

The light will end, the Universe will end when The Dark Goddess says Her final curse, Mutspell.

The end of light, the , universes, and all that has been created.

The end.  

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I know that in art there is a movement called “Minimalist”, ask your teacher if there is such a movement in Philosophy...DD

Well right at this moment in time for me,,,the most frightening word for me is Philosophy,,,LoL,,,,hahaha,,,,I know its very funny right,,,I really thought I would have an easy A,,,now I am affraid I will fail,,,DD,,,your thoughts are very profound,,,I have a paper due Tuesday,,,,Its on the schools of thought,,,,why is it so hard,,,I can not find the words,,,which is so unlike me it baffles my mind,,,,I have nine points of reference,,,,and still I can not write,,,This is my thoughts about the old schools,,,why do thinkers have to pick things so close to the bone,,,,about everything,,,and why do they make their thinking so complex,,,when in my reality,,,it so much more simple,,,easy to understand,,,but for them they seem to me too twist it all up,,,and than think they have answered it suffiently enough for the whole world,,,as too assume that their thinking is so conclusive. And some have worried about my ego,,,I think it is very small in commparence,,,I percieve so much more within my own being,,,that the truth for me,,,is mine alone,,,,your word is dark and I can understand your fear of this word,,,but me and my word,,,its just stupid,,,Love and Light Mary

That is a scary word. I do believe, no matter what the bottom line is we'll somehow still exist while being ok, or there is nothing, not even us.<br />
The word despair is my most fearful. Not only because of the pain, but also the possibility to wrong my family painfully.