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My name is fredrick McGame. I joined experience project along time ago but left. My family and I want someone to complain to about our lot in life. I am 35 [36 soon] and will edit my families tales. The entire family will write stories to educate you young people not to make our mistakes and to tell one another about the issues they have with each other. As the prologe from act 5 scene 1 of a midsummers nights dream says:
"We do not come as minding to content you,
Our true intent is. All for your delight
We are not here. That you should here repent you,
The actors are at hand; and by their show,
You shall know all that you are like to know
Gents perchance you wonder at this show!"

The cast:
Me, Fredrick McGame
My wife, Jenny McGame
My daughter [age 17] Alexandra McGame
My son [age 16] Joshua McGame
my daughter [age 16] Katie McGame
my son [age 11]  James McGame
my son [age 7] Mitchell McGame
my daughter [age 5] Ruth McGame
One kid on the way! [John or Alison depending] 
2 dogs [ages 3 and 6 months] Golith and David
2 cats [age 8 months] Malvolio and Sir Toby Belch  

This is the first story and I am the first actor. My family [and I] will write the tales. I will edit them. You will read them.
Take it away actors!
The McGame family
McGamefamily McGamefamily
May 4, 2012