A 'gentleman' at a party once informed me:

"You're really hot jail bait." ...Um, no I'm not, and wtf?

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I actually had some old redneck at a gas station say.....and I quote...<br />
<br />
"You sure do got some purty lips."<br />
<br />
One of the few times anyone has ever seen me in a full out sprint! LOL!

haha, nope. I believe I said: "We have words for men like you in Spanish." <br />

Haaaa. =D

hahaha! What did you say back? =P

This woman at a party told me "I want to wear you like a hat!"

Haha. I should...and I think I will. =P

Ouch. I have relatives like that...they like to discuss the fact that I really don't look like either of my parents. Its quite irritating.

I got nicely informed that I was "shorter" than what they thought i'd be.<br />
Or another one "You look good for your age"<br />
Or how about this one from my aunty (Dad's sister-in-law) You've grown up to be such a pretty girl, shame you take after your father!<br />
Which is worse, I could go on but now I am just depressing myself.