Ok This Was Bad

Guy to Girl "Hey who's your favorite actor"

Girl to guy "Josh Hartnett"

Guy to Girl "Well if Josh Hartnett were to walk in here right now and ask you for dinner, dancing and a passionate night of love making, would you go?"

Girl to Guy "Yes!"

Guy to Girl "Well he's busy I'll pick you up around 7"


The worst part... It worked

dasmuggler dasmuggler
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8 Responses Feb 12, 2009

That was good, I've got one.<br />
Your Dad must be a terrorist, Why because your the Bomb!Lol!!!!!

Actually that isn't so bad I would have laughed too. It takes some nerve, points for going for it you could have ended up with a drink in your face. :)


It IS hilarious...but I think she already liked you by the time you got around to the punchline!

Oh, I think you're pretty smooth now. *Teehee*

heh heh I was so much smoother in my youth and I actually pulled this off by making her laugh...<br />
<br />
Yeah Floydian, she did end up being insane<br />
<br />
Another long story

@_@<br />
<br />
Was the gurl insane?

What?!?! Who fell for that and who pulled it off?