....can I lick your eyeball....................

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I wouldn't use them anyway. I stick to my whats up.

I once had a girl tell me that even thought she hated men She would rock my world...<br />
<br />
<br />
I never knew how to take that....

That's creepy and funny at the same time.

i cant seem to think up of any lines.

dear god!<br />
I heard some drunk guy say similar to a server at a Denny's once. He didn't get slapped or a lap full of food or anything, but he did get a different sever a few minutes later

I don't do anything but i still have that feeling.

Don't worry i don't use a hammer...

I dunno i think it would just feel weird, but i am also the guy that wants to hit myself with a hammer if anyone touches me anywhere.


So then... What are some of the one you have fallen for?

I do not understand what joy one could get out of the toes being licked. Maybe i am just to young.

I felt like having them licked and he did offer....

people are scared of me heh... i guess it is wise to never trust the quiet ones.

Someone has to say SOMETHING first... <br />
<br />
I went for a dude who offered to lick my toes...

I never had one used on me before heh.

do pick up lines even work?

Wait. He had a pit in his attic? Wouldn't let place you on the second floor?

Hey, skunky... you wouldn't have been happy there anyway.

Were you in a pit in his basement at the time?


"I think I am only here for a job today." I made sure to smile at him and laugh.<br />
"That's a shame.. Well, I'll be right back to talk to you about bar tending here." He wandered off, chasing a guy who was delivering alcohol from a truck outside. He never came back to talk to me.. And well, I didn't get the job.

What has 172 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk?

Sends shivers down my back... and NOT good ones! Kinda like what you get when you scratch a blackboard!

That's just unhygienic.

Moonmouse, I think I have a friend who has used your quoted pickup line frequently..<br />
As far as I know he has only ever dated one person..<br />
Strange enough.. I'm now engaged to that girl, who he had dated.

And you said....?????

At one point I was applying for a job at a gay night club as a bar tender. I had to wait for a few hours for the owner to show up and talk to me..<br />
First thing he said to me upon showing up was.. "Hey, you look familiar. Have you ever been to my place before?"<br />
"No." I said to Trevor.<br />
He then grinned at me while asking, "Oh, well then would you like to?"