Sony Bono Look Alike!


 When this took -place, I was probly only about 2o yrs old.  My "THEN" just a bad memory I might add...was deployed to serve in Iraq during the first Desert Storm goings on....late 80's.    His mother and I lived together and one night we decided instead of sitting in front of c-span and crying we would go to a private club.  We chose the Veterans club because  we WERE NOT  looking to pick up men, just have a drink and and commiserate with like minded folk!  So we enter the "bar"  and here comes Sony Bono straight outta 1969. Pale Blue leisure suite, shirt unbuttoned to the navel..what I refer to as the Mr. T Starter set around his neck...( probably 10 FAKE gold chains dangling) and   up he staggers and  says in his best elvis impersonation...hello ladies!  we ignored it...but OH bono wouldnt have any of that  so he staggered up to me and says  "hey sweet heart, I sure would like to have A LITTLE ( insert Vulgar "P" word here)!


to which I replied...."MEEEE TOO.... MINE'S HUGGGEEEEE!"


he walked away..


lol  ...Hey  ya gotta do what ya  gotta do sometimes!

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Laughed till out of breath, OMG!