Funny and Cute

Your type of person is loving yet at the same time humorous and fun! Your person is adorable and is also very connected with you. Your person will always pull a joke just to see you smile.

Chance101 Chance101
7 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Myonis, idk where are you from? You can pm me the answer and feel free to do that anytime you just want to talk. I love the pun too. :)

Have we met by chance? ;)

I hope you find her chance baby! :-)<br />
She would be a lucky girl

Most of the times these things are not that accurate so the fact that this one was is a little bit of a shock.

isnt it a good thing to know that you had that figured out?

This was so dead on it's not funny. This is the type of woman I'm really attracted to.

and that isnt a bad thing.....i can be like that :)