Hmmm, Interesting...

the cupcake says i am lovable! here are my results:

At parties, you tend to be laid back and even a bit shy. You are an observer.

You have absolutely no restraint in your life. You live life with reckless abandon.

The most important thing in your life is fun.

You are laid back, flexible, and easy to get along with. To know you is to care for you.

...well, at parties i can be laid back at times and tend to be shy if there's a lot of people i don't know. i'd say i'm both an observer and a do-er in these situations.

i def don't live with reckless abandon. i try to always follow my instincts, but i choose to live with restraint to a degree.

i do love to have fun, and i do consider myself laid back and flexible. i'd say i'm pretty easy to get along with. as far as the "to know you is to care for you" part, you tell me! :)



runnagirrl runnagirrl
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Still waters run deep r girl sounds fine to me