Bipolar Age

Sometimes I act like I'm 40 years old, sometimes I act like I'm 15 years old. Never do I act 20 years old, as I should. :/
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Hey its nice to meet someone with bipolar, i have type 2, but its fine i can act like a kid at one point and really hypo but other times i act smart and calm ike a proper woman should, i never act my age

Who dictated how you are supposed to act? There are expected milestones for children as they grow up, but never will I accept that an adult must act a certain way at any age. Who you are, who raised you, your health, where you live, the time you live in and how you choose to live should be the only indicators. Because someone else said you don't act your age is a lot of hooey! My mother likes to tell me that I don't act my age (she means and often says - immature); what she really means is that I don't act like her (I've been hearing this since I was 5). I say - thank goodness! - after all, she is 21 years older than me!

i agree! its a buncha hooey. f being grown up.

Oh I'm not trying to imply I hate it. My daughter and I have tons of laughs and so do my husband and I . My co-workers love to hangout with me. I'm having the time of my life. It is true, you are as young as you feel. I am still a fully responsible parent, wife and employee though. Not one of those that parties or drinks or anything like that. Just like to live life to the fullest and not grow old before my time. thanks though.

I'm 33 but usually act 14.Only because I have a teenage daughter and I am the supervisor of a bunch of teenagers at my job. I still act adult, when the time calls for it , but my husband and I find it more fun to act young. Makes life a lot better.