Coffea Laurabica

Cultural Dictionary: Aphrodisiac
A substance or quality that excites sexual desire. The name derives from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love.

For me the most powerful aphrodisiac is the smell of a man :) Have you seen the movie "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer?" It was a big hit in Europe but it's barely known in North America. It is about a man that accidentally kills a girl that has the 'perfect scent'. He tries to fabricate her scent in form of a perfume and kills several women to 'harvest' their smell and create the perfect smell. The last girl he kills to create the strongest aphrodisiac the world has ever seen, is a rich man's daughter named Laura... :)

1) Current and past partners are most likely to describe you as:
[   ] Captivating 
[   ] Tempting 
[   ] Flirtatious 
[   ] Passionate  
[   ] Gentle 
[X] Enthusiastic

... that's a though one! It was a neck on neck race between "Captivating", "Passionate" and "Enthusiastic". I went with the last one because it describes my entire personality. I'm passionate when I'm in the mood, I'm only able of being captivating after I had my breakfast, but I'm enthusiastic most of the time, no matter if I'm doing my homework, shouting at clouds, arguing with friends or chasing naked strangers in my dreams :D

2.) What dessert is the perfect for sharing on a romantic date?
[   ] Red velvet cake
[   ] Champagne and strawberries
[   ] Chocolate cake
[   ] Ice cream
[   ] Edible underwear
[X] Chocolate mousse

That's a no-brainer! :) I only eat cake on Sunday afternoon when relatives or friends of the family pay us a visit; You can enjoy ice cream on a sunny day outside but not on a romantic dinner, champagne and strawberries ... well... wouldn't it ruin the mood if someone burped? ;) Edible underwear seems like a waste of time. Why eat the underwear when you are dying to taste what's underneath it? And that leaves chocolate mousse - fluffy, soft, yummy :)

3.) Which of these evenings sounds the sexiest to you?
[   ] A balmy summer night
[   ] A breezy spring night
[   ] A cold rainy night
[   ] A crisp fall night
[X] A warm rainy night
[   ] A freezing snowy night

I grew up in Denmark so I'm used to rainy days :) Open windows because of the heat... the sound of rain hitting the roof... two entangled bodies in the in the moonlight... that sounds sexy to me! :)

4.) What fabric do you like the feel of most?
[X] Cotton
[   ] Satin
[   ] Leather
[   ] Cashmere
[X] Velvet
[X] Silk

I couldn't make a decision so I let the dice decide :) Leather is fine on a jacket but horrible to wear anywhere else on your body! Satin and Cashmere are fine but not nearly as good as Cotton, Velvet and Silk!

5.) Which of these is the biggest turn on?
[X] A bubble bath
[   ] Lingerie
[   ] Saying "I love you"
[   ] A sexy movie
[   ] A candlelight dinner
[   ] A suggestive voicemail

Lingerie looks fantastic on a woman but hilarious on a guy so seeing a guy in lingerie could never be a turn on and wearing lingerie for him would be more of a turn on for him than me. Hearing someone say "I love you" warms my heart and makes me wanna kiss the lips that uttered those words but I wouldn't call it a turn on. What is a 'sexy' movie? A candlelight dinner is a romantic foreplay before the naughty foreplay. It is a turn on but not the biggest of the choices they offered. If someone would leave me a suggestive voicemail, I would probably laugh when I heard it for the first time :D And the winner is: bubble bath - assuming that I would share the bath tub with a naked guy :)

You Are Coffee
The sexiest thing about you is your enthusiasm and stamina. You always say "yes" to your lover and are hard to tire out. Because of your high energy level, you are best in small doses. Too much of you is too much of a good thing. You may not get tired, but you're likely to wear your partner down.

Ahem... am I wrong or does that make me sound like a nympho? :D I do say "no" occasionally, I've lost most of my stamina during a long and cold Canadian winter so you'd have no problems wearing ME out the first couple of nights and even though I'm as addictive as coffee, you can never have enough Laura in your life ;)
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

you are cute and sexy... I'd love to dip it in you someday ^^

Don't burn yourself ;)

Clever post!

Hey so I'm not the only one that reacts to the rain in a sensual way :)

You mean there are people out there that doesn't react to rain in a that way? ;)

Whenever I tell people I get worked when it rains, they are amazed by it.

I suspect that it is very true that "you can never have enough Laura in your life," and those who are fortunate enough to have her in their lives are probably very fortunate indeed.

Thank you very much :)