No Romance On The Horizon

What can I say? *sighing deeply and trying not to fall into the perennially close well of self pity;)*...It's true, there is no love , not even a small  like/lust perspective someone  for me to spend some time with. Well if you must know there is a person , sort of special to me, however it is not even at the level of friendship, but that is another post for another day... So, I've decided to get out of the house and be with like minded souls~ I am going to volunteer at a big pet adoption event, which will run this Sat and Sun. I along with several others will be manning a both for a wonderful no kill cat/kitten shelter, answer people's question and help them with adoption, etc. I am excited because I will be with people , adults no less :) , and our affinity for animals is a great thing, i want to feel that connection with a human being. Something common , something i can feel excited about !

Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Thanks my friends, for the umph :) hugs!<br />
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I agree Sister, when i have a special someone it's just such a feeling like walking on rosy and firey clouds! OOOOOO can't wait for that day :P lol

GOOD FOR YOU! I am not interested in getting bummed on that day either. I refuse to have my emotions flfung about by the greeting card and such companies. When I am in love again--everyday is valentine's day. I can wait.