Arabian Equine Class...

I guessed I'd be this one, as I find them most stunning and intelligent. I miss horse time, it's been years since I've ridden with the RDA.

You Are an Arabian Horse You are passionate and intense. You are well known to be a little fiery and wild... you can't help it!
You aren't mean spirited. You just believe that rules should be broken. You like to run free and do your own thing.

You are really quite gentle and docile if you aren't pushed. You are exceptionally sensitive and intelligent.
You get along well with others, and you're generally quite patient. You don't tolerate anyone being abusive or incompetent though!
TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
4 Responses Nov 6, 2010

Thanks, Scott. Today, I'm fired up over idiots.<br />
You spotty? Haha.

I was expecting mule..but I gotta' be the spotted horse..Arabians are cool, and it sounds like it might fit TRW. *smile*

=)<br />
That's so cute and apt for you, I think, dc. x

I like to think I'm a donkey.<br />
I have big eyes and ears and I know how to use them.<br />
Youll never get me to run down a steep enbankment, like you silly horses stumbling all over you all you all, you all, "hee haaah, selves"<br />
Thats why they use us critters for pack mules!<br />
We are nice and polite unless you try to push us, or pull us, or kick, us....<br />
Well anyway, we will remember who you are, forever!<br />
So dont try anything nasty.<br />
Id like a carrot please, with a side order of celery.<br />
I feel like a Jack*ss for writing this!