My Ringtones

SnowyBunBuns- Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther" because she just loves Pink so much!

HeavenBeside You- Katy Pery's "I Kissed a Girl" because if she ever grows a penis I might just have to kiss her.

Silver01TA-Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and since he texts me often too he has a separate ringtone which is the int-ro to that same song.

AllRog-The Beach Boy's God Only Knows because only God knows what I would do without my Allrog.

My sister-Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" because she is my special brown eyed girl.

Cream- Rascal Flatt's "I Melt" because cream melts in the sun.

Everyone else that calls on my caller ID it plays Rascall Flat's, "Fast Cars and Freedom.  Non Caller ID plays Broken Road.  Text messages play Lady Gaga's song, "Poker Face."  VM plays Keith Sweat's "Nobody" and Picture/Video Messages play, "Birthday Sex" but I have not a clue who sings it.  One of my young cubbies added that song to my phone LOL.


Oh well I guess I have enough ringtones for now.  I just got my new phone and I LOVE IT!!!!  I love that Ii can use regular songs as ringtones on it most.





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Cow, will you please? Do you still have my email address?<br />
<br />
LOL I like to know who is callimg me b4 I answer. Also I now have the same phone as my sister so when thhe phones are lying around we couldn't tell them apart less one of us calls the other lol. She saw mine and had to have it so she traded her brand new phone in to get one just like mine. Silly kids!

Oh I can see that too. I may have to download that.

LOL this one is soooooo simple bc it is just like my old phone I had for a year, but it is thinner.

LOL.. they would certainly be reaching for the erase button on that one. No one wants to think of their parents as sexual.

hehehehehe...I will have to try that one....Maybe for my daughters....I love to make them all say...Moooom...Yuck....<br />
<br />
erase..erase..erase..<br />
<br />
hehehehe...singer can be funny...When she wants to be

LOL.... I used to play that game with my ex. What is really funny is that my voice mail for certain "special" friends instructs them to call me back fast as I am using the phone as a vibrator. I never will forget HBY's reaction when I changed her voice mail to this. lol

WOW....well at least you do not have to looka at the phone.....Ya just have to hear it<br />
<br />
Ever think about putting it on vibrate...and not picking it up.....Just leave it in your lap....hehehehe<br />
<br />
There singer goes....Being naughty once more...<br />
<br />
Bad singer...bad..bad..singer