Pfffffft! Not Really.....


Compared to most people, you are quite indulgent and hedonistic.

You would never deny yourself any pleasure.  Life's too short to scrimp on the good stuff.

You tend to be over the top and bold.  You speak your mind, and you never apologize for who you are.

You can be a bit self centered, but you're always willing to share.   You just want to make sure you have the biggest piece of cake!

Haha, the only truth is I do speak my mind and never apologize for who I am.  Oh, and I LOVE CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yummmmmm!

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56-60, F
6 Responses Feb 22, 2010

well.. *sniff* ok. *wipes eyes* better :)

Awe, don't cry! It was just a momentary lapse on my part. I shall start an "I love being addicted to chocolate" group instead.....Better?

What???? Quit... are you Mad woman!!!!!! NEVER utter those words again, it hurts my tummy :( <br />
*sobs in the corner *

I see your not in agreement with most of this statement then lollollol :-) The only part you agree with is; which i also agree is; the last paragraph which you wrote lollol :-) Ooooooh!!! me too!! i love ''Chocolate cake'' yuuuummmy!!! well done with your result, my friend! :-) xoxoxoxoxo

I may need to start Chocoholics anonymous! Wait.....on second thought, I DON'T WANT TO QUIT!

Me tooo !!!!!! YAY