Loved The Description; But They Said White!!!!!!!

I like the fact that they feel i am very much into relationships and consider friendships very seriously.
If given the right circumstance i can be very passionate.
i am not into girly,girly type things, nor am i into brutal things either.
i am adventurous.i do like attention.
While i think i would like. To feel really good about the test they said my color was white. I am not an artist, but have enough knowledge to know white is not a color. :(
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66-70, M
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

From white comes the rest of the colors. Without white... colors wouldn't shine so bright.

Um........ Let's be friends ......

I know I would like that, but only if you share. You got two colors and I do not have any. :(

It is because your heart's desires are so pure ..... Bahahahahaha ..... Here, have some blue and a touch of green....

OH my. Now that is a heart of a different color. Only hope it moves me closer to having a spirit like yours.