Lol Spot On That Is the Colour I Wear!! :-)

You Should Wear Pink Pearl Lip Gloss

Sheer, luscious, and over the top flirty.

Oooh!!! my lips too!! tee!! hee!!

welshbabe welshbabe
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9 Responses Jul 17, 2009

Ha!!ha!!ha!! :) whateverrrrr!!!! "how did you know these lips are mine" ha!ha!ha! (wink) lol <br />
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Yes! my darling he should, shouldn't he!!?? lol :) thank you, my young darling for leaving your feedback!! :)

Sexy lips welsh. :)<br />
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I agree with all of you's, mewold should take the quiz. Go mewold go! :D

Lollol me to!! DorothyofOz, i think our friend mewold should take this quiz lol :) <br />
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Ha!!ha!!ha!! DorothyofOz :) oh!! yeah! it is true!! lol :) <br />
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Thank you for your valued feedback on this one, my friend!!! :)

I agree - Mewold, you need to take the quiz!!!!<br />
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WB - so, I have to admit, I don't know these things about you, but since you actually wear that color, it must be spot on - so you are sheer, luscious and over the top flirty?? FUN!!

Lol "does chap stick count" lmao!! lol :) "i don't think so, mewold" lol :) <br />
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Why don't you take the quiz as amysangels and i have, see what, result you come up with!!, lol that should be fun!! lol :)

mewold did u take the quiz?:P just kidding hehe *hugs*

Ha, ha, ha. amysangels, you are so funny. That's why I love you so much. lolol

:D mewold should take the quiz too

This is one quiz I haven't taken. Does chap stick count? :-)