I Am Indigo

You are a highly intuitive, wise person. You are quite spiritual, even if you aren't religious in the least.
You have a lot of insight to offer and you are often profound. If people listen carefully to what you say, they can find a lot of meaning in your words.

You have a broad view of the world. You are always pushing yourself to learn more. You believe that wisdom comes from perspective.
Your greatest ideas come to you in a flash. You work off inspiration, and luckily, you're easily inspired.
ShellOfAMan ShellOfAMan
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I am too an Indigo...I was told that numerous times before I actually learned what it was...interesting but right on perspective...one thing though...its a lonely life in a person to person way, not so much in an enlightened spiritual, artistic or insightful way...true deep intimate connections are tough to have or find...

I was told I too was an Indigo...how can one be sure? Thank you for sharing.