Your Kiss Is Pink ... Where Is The Black Kisser Lol

Your Kiss is Pink


For you, kissing is pure happiness... simple as that.

You definitely get a little blissed out from kissing, even if you're a bit shy about it.

You won't kiss just anyone. Your kisses are special!

Young at heart, you still get very excited the first time you kiss someone.

Kissing Type: Generous

People See Your Kisses as: Sweet

You Kiss Best With: A Black Kisser

Stay away from: An Orange Kisser


I do agree with all lol


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7 Responses Feb 23, 2010

lol .. i can't i can't kiss anyone .. but sharing the germ with the person you love is very nice amazing think .. i sometime feel that is the best thing to do when you are in love lol ... i love germs lol ... i like dogs .. i like the smart kind of dog like that who work with the police , but i can't share the germs with

you are right about the germ ... but that is the best of the story lol JK ... with not anyone just the person you love , it will be great..... what about people who let their dogs to lick their faces ?lol

transparent .. really ?? what is that ... can i taste it lol

I got transparent!<br />

hahaha .. i haven't read about black kisser .. i am just following their advise hahaha .. good luck for you with whoever your kisser is :)

thanks my friend , hope always be young at heart :) ... green is good .. i am looking for black Kisser hahaha JK :)

that's great we both have a sweet kisses them ..and i won't feel alone now with finding a black kisser .. lol