What Do U Think?can U Imagine Something Bout This Place?

amysangels amysangels
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same too..

in japan?wow..

It reminds me about the place i want to go to. I really want to go to Japan and see the cherry blossoms fall.

me too mewold.. <br />
i agree aly..and peace too.

It is a beautiful scene and I would be happy sitting there.

:)<br />
<br />
britastic..im glad to see u care so much for ur daughter..

I love it. I could sit on that bench and stare around in disbelief forever

it looks as if you would be at peace there .. no one can harm you. i want to take my daughter there and let her play knowing that she would be safe

It is my bench of tranquility where I go to have long conversations with God.


heh idk..i found it in google pictures..but i like it

Mysterious and magical

yeah u are right.. thanku for comment gryffn*

there are places around here that look like that.....sometimes the light is just right ...I studied painging for five years at a local college. I'm not much of an artist, but I did learn how to "SEE" Light is what determines the appearance of any scene...the time of day has everything to do with how something a simple as a tree looks... I think most of us, especially during the really busy times of our lives, don't notice the beauty that is all around us.


glad u like it bcj.<br />
<br />
oh sorry to hear that..hope it helps*

beautiful, Little One<br />
<br />
love<br />

just close ur eyes and with magic u be there :)

i think so too,notg

no need to thank..<br />
<br />
yeah marji:)

This picture is beautiful, I can see myself have picnic underneath the tree already. Thanks for sharing this picture.

heh heh<br />

The tree looks like a hand with a crooked pinky LOL

heh :)<br />
is beautiful..

I want to feel the breeze on my face and the dried leaves beneath my feet... just recoonect with nature.. its so serene

U know what? I said oOOOOH! :)

I want to sit on that chair and look everywhere .. at the sky , at the tree ... at the tree leaves ... at the leaves under my feet and smash them by my feet lol <br />
<br />
I want to smell the weather there ...... and I want to stare at that trees which are in front of me .. maybe there will be a move or something interesting .......... maybe I can see the noise prince lol <br />
<br />
I will climb that tree as well .... I will feel free ... I hope there will be no people there , only me and ALMIGZAL GIRL LOL <br />
<br />
in short I will feel that I am in heaven for a short time :)

oooh, Awesome!!!<br />
<br />
you're kinda like me...you love the pics I love most ^_^ <br />
<br />
What a good coincidence that I found somebody like you who could understand ME :D

i want to sit on that chair every time i'm sad, stressed, and depressed.