What Does Love Mean To You? To Me?

 love means so many different things to people, so each is different, there is no right and wrong answer here. To me love is faithful, loyal, trusting, carig, passionate and compassionate. To me it is a gift to the one you choose to give it to, and not to be abused or taken for granted. It is sacred and precious, love is the music two hearts hear and dance to. Love to me is didication and devotion, faithfullness, love is many things to me, but that is some of the things that what love means to me.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Did you know that attraction is not a choice but a psychological response. It is about comptability. And yes, it is rare. So rare in fact that one should really appreaciate it when it comes... A deep connection is priceless. You dont even need to talk... You can feel each other from a distance... You can communicate without words... It's truly magical... Loyalty, faithfulness, respect, understanding and devotion is a natural extension of it not a chore... It's what life is all about....

I feel love for a person when I care deeply about their happiness, their joys and sorrows. If I say the wrong thing and my BF gets that hurt look on his face that pains me and I correct what I said because I care about his feelings. I love my BF such that it brings out a feeling in me that I want to give unconditionally to him and do little things for him expecting nothing in return. I want to put a smile on his face. I love to hear him laugh. love also means that I want to be faithful to him and him to me. I want to be honest with him and him to me. there is tenderness between us. Because I love him I want to learn about the things that are important to him and share in those things. I can be happy with him in the quiet times when we are just being together.