Is This True?

Does really a belly button say about who we are ? Because when i went to Lonavala (hillstation in Pune) I was asked by a man wearing a holy outfit to know do i want to know my future and stuff . I simply asked how ? He said i will look at your forehead and tell you ,but since i was wearing a short top he was constantly looking at my belly . So i asked in a joking, do you also tell the future by looking at stomach? To my surprise he replied not stomach ,navel . As i like a little attention on my navel so i agreed to his demand to check my navel .He made me stretch and press and pinch a bit but what he commented about me my life and my stuff was almost 75 % correct . I was in a shock. Does navel actually project one's life? .Or that freak just teased me in front of every 1 as few people gathered to see what was going on ....
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yes it's true I also have read it somewhere in my college time

ThAt sounds absurd


Wow but u enjoyed it right?

I wish one could predict one's future so easily..Wish it were true..BTW did that pious man knew about his future or was he aware that he will get yo meet you and predict your future by looking at your navel..If that is true then I will bow to the pious man,,

i really don't think that would be the case ...

Then what would be the case...

i really don't know that's why i have asked this question in the first place

The navel could even predict the future?? For Navel-Gazers hell yeah!! Well navel or the solar plexus can predict about a woman's fertility, as I have known for ages viz. some internet source, but what the so called pious man did to you, shows his uber fetish for your intriguing sexy belly button;) Happy poking!! Even I could tell you things that are 75% or 80% true about you, without even seeing you... lol

Hahaha nice nice one, i want to be a baba!

Hahahaha you are funny in a cute way

anyways that guy was really lucky that he touched ur belly button !

He didn't

not true ...

I don't think that it's true. The trick is telling the fortune (or the past) in a way that the person is able to relate it to incidents in the past. That's what possibly happened with you.

BAng on , that's what i thought the other day :)

Great. I tried to add you in my circle, but couldn't. Is there a way we can become friends? Decent - of course.

I've read that shape, depth of the navel is an aid in finding the imbalance of the chakras in your body. The navel is our center, center of nerves, pleasure, health. If we are out of alignment in our energy flows, it will show in our navels. <br />
I don't know how the navel could reveal the future. But, you never know.