You Belong In Australia

Sunny, upbeat, and cute
You make the perfect surf bum
Now stop hogging the Vegemite!

I can't go surfing because I can't swin. I don't know how to surf. So I can't be a surf bum.  What's a Vegemite?

mother1983 mother1983
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Surfing? Well. I think I will go bike riding. I can ride a bike but not very good either.

Well. In Canada they watch American Soaps. I used to watch The Young and Resetless. Now I don't.<br />
Too much drama and back stabbing going on.

welsh: Well. I never get a chance to learn how to swim because I'm busy with taking care of our relative's motel and I have a daughter. Of course those things take up most of my time. Of course in September I will be going to school. I will have study and study my Math and English courses. <br />
<br />
So I don't have a chance to take swim lessons.

If it's vegimite and surfing it's gotta by Australia.

Sunny, upbeat and cute, yeah!! that part is true!, :-) Oooh! you can't swim then!!? is there a reason as to why you never learned? or am i being nosy!!? lol Me either i could'nt surf, but there, i never tried ha!! ha!! Because of watching Australian soaps on tv over here, i do actually know what Vegimite is, it is i believe it to be, like a Marmite in the UK!!, i expect our Austrailian friends will put us right ha!! ha!! it is yeast based spread and it tastes gorgeous!!, but there it is an aquired taste, you either like it or you don't!! ha!! ha!! i love it!!!!! :-)