Barcelona! Not Bad

You Belong in Barcelona When it comes to Europe, you don't want to decide between culture and fun. You want art by day and a big party by night.
Barcelona is ideal for you. You can check out some Picasso, eat some tapas, take a siesta, and then dance all night!

I don't like Picasso, but I have always wanted to check out Barcelona. It's supposed to have some really great places to ride your BMX. Architecture too. Nice.

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Thats ok. I like ALL kinds of different art - dark stuff, pretty stuff, and everything in between. I can appreciate talent whatever form its in :)

Oops sorry, sometimes i dont remember who left what comment.*blushing* I didn't think you were as into dark stuff as that. No darker than Picasso, but it's so much more my style (to enjoy, not to paint, I cant do fantasy).

Alright, alright. My Dad went to Barcelona a few years ago - art is not is thing but he went to the Picasso museum and took a photo of the fire exist of all things to try and show me he had seen it - he didnt actually go in though.<br />
I already have checked out Beksinski, I comment on your story :)

If I went, then I would DEFINITLY miss the queing in the searing heat, and do something else, I can look at picasso books, I have had Gurnica explained to me by as very enthusiastic Picasso fan, and it still doesn't MOVE me. It just doesn't and I can't make it. I realise it is an anti-war symbol, but to me it just looks gross. <br />
I have recently discovered Beksinski, now HIS work is beautiful AND macabre at the same time. Check my profile pics for that album.

Baskit, Baskit, Baskit. The dude INVENTED Cubisim - a whole new way of seeing. Thats so important! Art should be about constantly thinking about what art is and what it means and what is representation - why make this mark here? As well as self ex<x>pression. I dont find his stuff attractive visually - but art historically he is so significant. And then there is Gurnica - if ever there was an example of how art has social conscious and how art has an impact on the world then its Gurnica - art as political protest - come on and tell me that doesnt get the juices flowing?<br />
<br />
Now of course Impressionism is beautiful - as well as being also Incredibly Significant - again, ways of seeing - why make this mark here? All being explored - but with such beautiful outcomes too.<br />
<br />
But unattractive art can be JUST as important as pretty art - and pretty art can sometimes be shallow and empty and purely commercial.<br />
<br />
But thats ok - you like what you like, this isnt judgement from me at all - the most important thing with art, above all else, is do you like it? And if not, ok fine - but dont skip the Picasso Museum in Barcelona just because you dont like it - you will be missing out on seeing some really important art.<br />
At least go to the gift shop and send me a postcard ;)

As for Picasso, well I wrote all this before and it got wiped so I'll give you the condensed version.<BR>He had no taste in colour, and his paintings are offensive to my eye! I dislike looking at them sooo much. And I love portraiture, that's WHY! He actually COULD paint too, I think he went to art school! Waste!<BR>I'm sure if I put some REALLY dark glasses on then imight be able to liste to someone tell me why it is genius to paint like this but I just haven't been attracted to look for long enough to find anything in it. Nope Picasso is not one of my favourites. (I like French impressionist portraiture.)

You dont like Picasso! Baskit..... tell me you can at least appreciate his genius - even if you dont like the look of it?