No, no, no.

I hate that place! Why wasn't Galway or Cork on the list!!

That said, could be worse, could have been somewhere in England.


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Sorry but they are (at least for now!)<br />
<br />
Cardiff started well but have falled away this year, the derby with the Swans is always one I try and watch.

first wales are not crap in rugby!!!!i support also CCFC!!!!besides the jacks(swansea!) 2 clubs in english football//soccer..league...always..a thrill..second..i belong to MUNICH/Bavaria..my hometown!!!!1860Munich!!!! and live over12years..in gud owld eire....have not touched engaland for over 8years..why????

Yeah love the Welsh, they are well sound.<br />
<br />
Crap at rugby though <br />