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The Hero

 What Fantasy Archetype are you?

Your Result: The Hero

You are the ultimate defender of justice, freedom, and purity. The hordes of evil quail before you. Nothing can stand in your way due to your combat skills, keen intellect, gorgeous looks, and sheer luck. Plus, you usually end up happily wed.

Result Breakdown:

77% The Hero

76% The Damsel in Distress

61% The Mentor

31% The Hapless Extra

13% The Prime Evil Quiz


reset reset 18-21, F 4 Responses Dec 5, 2009

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no, i feel that way too and i'm a can see from my results how close i was to being a damsel in <br />
<br />
each individual has to fend for themselves in some way. without gender roles, we wouldn't be having the problem of feeling both ways. :)<br />
<br />
thanks for loving this post.

Type your comment here...Ok, I just had to add, I love this post, and by hero damsel in distress, to clarify, sometimes I feel in this world that handling so much in life, a lady, has to be her own hero, and she is at the same time a damsel in distress because there really is no white knight out there often times even for a gorgeous girl, ... I love guys, I have a man in my life and yet sometimes, I feel as if Im doing it all, and it felt like being the 'guy' sometimes., .I hate feeling like Im the guy ..and I just have to admit I hated that feeling ,.....;) so..anyway, I found it great to read this and have you share it too...:)maybe Im the only girl that feels that way..:)

littlepurr: it makes sense to me. :)<br />
<br />
mrsadist: i don't know how i got it

Im a hero damsel in distress at times..:) If that makes any sense at all to anyone, it sure does to me:)