Defaulting To My Ad&d Days , An Assassin

I'd like to choose a much more noble or honorable role to fall into ; palidin , monk , cleric etc . When it comes right down to it , as far as actual skills and attribes , yah , the humble assassin . Not as good at stealing as a thief and much more versatile . I can move silently , act as spy , Able to use most weapons to some degree , prefer a backstab to a frontal attack , allowed to wear armor ( though my bullet resistant vest is still in the shop ) , and familier with poisons . Wasn't my plan in life , just kinda happened . I'm the one people don't wanna be seen with , but when a job needs to be done , sure , i'll do it if the pay or profit is right . I'm versatile , able to get into tight places , considering my size , and can disguise myself to look like a fighter , ranger , even a barbarian if need be . I slink through the shadows with bad intent , but only for my specified victim , simple robbery is for thieves who'll rob their own family for a gold piece . No , I stay focused on my mark and don't get sidetracked . The assassin is paid for the services rendered , and a valuable service it is , indeed !

Tanengreen Tanengreen
36-40, M
Mar 9, 2010