However . . . I Am Actually A Dwarf

Without taking the quiz that goes with this group—I already did, and was deemed a Hero, see my previous story—if I were to PICK what Fantasy Archetype I am . . . I would be a Dwarf.

Dwarves like to bash and hack things with large axes or maybe even giant hammers! Dwarves are gruff yet soft-hearted. Dwarves like their ale stout and their food hearty. Dwarves are reckless, they rush in where angels fear to tread.

Okay, so maybe I'm not an "archetype," but I have a lot of fun!

RomanticRunner RomanticRunner
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To towhead09: Ah, Swedish. I am of German & Celtic descent, from gruff and magical stock. Oh yes, I get along splendidly with elves. One of my best friends is an elf, and we make a great team—I hack & slash, he covers me from the rear with bow and arrows. Are you an elf?

Cracking up here!!!!!!!!1

Thanks Jillian222! *hugs*<br />
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"I dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in a mine the whole day through<br />
"To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what I like to do!"<br />
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Don't feel bad Romantic Runner sometimes I think I'm Snow White and now that you metioned dwarf I think I can fix you up with a job,LOL